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Shard Financial Services’ President Margie Shard Available For Guest Speaking Engagements

One of the fundamental goals of Shard Financial Services, Inc. is to educate clients and keep them informed about financial planning options.  President Margie Shard is a dynamic speaker who often is invited to for-profit and non-profit organizations to speak on various topics. Below are some examples of groups and topics:

•    Corporate Executives: Many corporations offer incentive plans to their executives such as phantom stock, executive bonus plans, SERP’s, etc. However, many executives are not educated on these plans and thus do not fully understand the way their plans work and how to fully utilize these additional benefits offered to them. Margie will work with your corporation to study your unique plans and then create a workshop exclusively for your executive team. If you would like to schedule a workshop for your organization, please click here.

•    Charitable Giving:  Many churches and other non-profit organizations rely on generous donations from their members. Often, families would like to donate monies and other assets to their favorite institutions, yet are uneducated about how to go about doing so. Margie has worked with many of her clients on setting up their “family foundations”, which not only entails what they are looking to donate to their favorite institutions, but what values, stories, and other important information they would like their remaining family members and friends to pass on. A common myth is that you must have an extremely high net worth to even think about charitable giving with your estate planning. This powerful workshop Margie gives will help your membership start thinking about their own “family foundations” and how they can leave a meaningful gift to the charities that they support as well as how they can get their other family members involved in being open to charitable giving and supporting the “family foundation” plan.

•    Women: Women represent only 15% of the financial advising community and Margie is passionate about educating women on why they need a financial strategy and what women should be discussing with their financial professionals. Margie has been the guest speaker for many women’s organizations as well as corporations who have hosted lunch and learns for their female employees.  If you would like to schedule a workshop for your organization, please click here.

•    Social Security: Social Security plans an important role in many retirees income. Did you know that there are different ways of getting social security income besides just looking at the amount on your social security statement? Margie has educated herself in social security planning and speaks often to groups on what they need to know about social security planning. If you would like to schedule a workshop for your organization, please click here.