Do You Need Financial Planning?

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  1. Do I have excess income that I'm not sure where to allocate - i.e. savings vs. retirement, reduce down debt, etc.?
  2. Do I have retirement plans at my employer that I don't understand - i.e. stock options, nonqualified deferred compensation plans. 401k's, 403(b)'s, 457, etc.?
  3. Have I had a life transition recently or am I worried about an upcoming life transition - i.e. Retirement, divorce, widowhood, etc.?
  4. Do I have parents that I have to take care of either physically, financially, or both?
  5. Do I have to choose social security options within the next two years?
  6. Do I have pension options that I have to make elections on - i.e. options with or without spousal continuation, lump sum payouts, etc.?
  7. Is my household income $100,000 or more?
  8. Are my total assets (excluding real estate) more than $250,000?
  9. Do I have a taxable estate (including life insurance death benefits) over $5,000,000?
  10. Have I ever wondered what my (or my family's) quality of life would be like if something happened to my spouse or myself?
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