Our Mission & What’s Different These Days

Our Mission

Our mission at Shard Financial Services, Inc. is to educate and empower our clients and the community to become financially literate, create long term financial strategies that are easy to implement, and help our clients navigate through life-changing events. Our experience in financially guiding our clients through life’s toughest transitions has enabled us to help those going through transitions such as: retirement, divorce, widowhood, job changes, re-marriages and more.

What’s Different These Days?

Life moves quickly these days. Financial health has never been more important. Gone are days of pensions and lifetime paid medical insurance. Life expectancy is longer. Social Security is in a state of crisis. The guarantees our grandparents had are just no longer there. The modern day family consists of the traditional one marriage families, as well as blended families; those with 2 working parents or single parents raising children alone. It also encompasses those who chose to not get married and stay single. Many couples are having religious marriage ceremonies but not legal ones for financial reasons. Grandparents are often on their 2nd or 3rd marriages due to death or divorce, and individuals are living in different towns than their siblings and parents. Widowhood and divorce are common occurrences at every age. The saying, “it takes a village to raise a child” no longer means the same thing – the village is different and so are financial planning and investment strategies.

At Shard Financial we understand the modern family. We understand the unique financial challenges and stresses everyday life brings because we are the modern family. We live it and breathe it and we want our clients to be prepared for whatever it is life is going to financially throw at them. The markets and economy will change, your circumstances will change, but we will help you change with it.

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